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About Us

Morisa Home Textile Co., Ltd. is located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese: Foshan in Guangdong. The forerunner of the company is Foshan Dahua Bedding Articles Factory founded by Chen Haosen with 15 employees in 1993. In 1999, the company was registered and renamed to the abbreviation "Morisa Home Textile" for the creation of the core brand of MORISA. As a large-size textile enterprise engaged in research, production, sales and trade, the rapid developing Morisa Home Textile Co., Ltd. is extending to every fields of the textile industry.



Business vitality

At the beginning of the foundation, Morisa Home Textile Co., Ltd. just had a factory with only 200sqm. In 2011, the enterprise production and office area reach 50 thousand sqm and another 70 mu industrial park is under construction. We have introduced more than 300 sets of advanced production lines, cutting sewing and finishing equipments to maintain the advantages of the quantization scale production. There are more than 800 employees, including 20% of R & D elite and marketing management personnel to compose the independent R & D center, design center and marketing center.


Social credibility

The rapid developing Morisa Home Textile Co., Ltd also emphasizes on the responsibility and reputation. To 2011, the company has been successively passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certificate for 5 years and successfully realized the updating of ISO9001:2008. The company was evaluated as "integrity affiliation enterprise", "quality assured enterprise", "customers satisfied enterprise", "advance unit created excellence by integrity" and other honors in Foshan City, Guangzhou. Under the rescue of the society and widely participation of the public service activities, the accumulated donation of the company reached 1 million Yuan RMB.


Brand influence
The brand Morisa is derived from the homophonic of the worldwide famous painting Mono Lisa. The essence and spirit of the innovation lies in the word "smile" by which to explain the meaning of harmony, positive and active in life. Through more than 10 years' mature operation and the overall promotion, the smile and caring brand of Morisa has been sunk deep into the hearts of the customers; In 2010 the company led in the 3rd generation VI, SI system Morisa home textile which will express the unique brand charm by the market window of the national wide retail terminal.



Brand competitiveness
Emphasize on the popular demand and to develop differentiation is the market positioning of Morisa. Through self-development and joint development with a number of international professional organizations, Morisa maintain the new product development speed of more than 200 models each year. The products of Morisa have 6 styles including: luxury and honorable, European classic, graceful and restrained, romantic and festival, leisure and faddish, cute baby etc. The products including: kits, parts, pillow and quilt core, and mattress, and other kind's high quality household products. We are striving to create comfortable sleeping life for the vast number of Chinese families.


Market expanding power
From 2002, the enterprise formally promoted the business model of direct marketing and franchise chain. Morisa is always complying with the business philosophy of ‘honesty leads to progress, credit leads to flourish and harmony leads to development. In the business communication, our company is always insisting in the core value of "honesty, harmony, innovation and win-win" to create stringent and pragmatic policy for cooperation. By long-term steady development, the enterprise successes to establish the marketing network which takes South China as core and radiates the national wide and Southeast Asia. At present, the company is actively expanding to central China, north China and southwest market by more innovative and pragmatic attitude.  

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